Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dean and Germaine

I did this cake for my uncle Dean and his new wife, for our family gathering to welcome Germaine into the family.

French vanilla cake, with raspberry filling and buttercream.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Krista's Wedding Cake

6 Tiers....

Top is white with buttercream

8" white with raspberry

10" banana with PB buttercream ( that was a hit!)
12" Strawberry with buttercream
14" white with apricot jam
16" chocolate with crushed up oreos in the buttercream filling

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby boy cake

This is a cake I did for the little man who I doulaed for a few weeks back! He was being blessed and my aunt asked if I would make a cake. So here it is! I think I saw the idea of it on ....but I can't remember for sure!

It is a white cake with apricot filling, covered in buttercream.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

pink wedding cake

I did this "wedding cake" for a youth activity on standards and preparing to some day be married. It was white cake, with strawberry filling, covered in buttercream.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sweet 16

This I did for a girl in YW who wanted one of my cakes for her birthday! How sweet is that!

It is a white cake, with buttercream filling and covered in buttercream, decorated with buttercream that enough buttercream for ya? LOL!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yellow fondant with gum paste flowers

As I said on my family site, the actual color for this was a pale yellow, but for the life of me I couldn't get it to photograph nicely!!

I did this cake for a Relief Socity Birthday party. It is a white cake, with a raspberry cream cheese filling, buttercream, and then covered in a marshmallow fondant. Piped with buttercream and gum paste flowers.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Missionary Cake

I did this for Blake who is leaving on his mission this week to Argentina. I know its an awful picture, but whenever I had the flash on it would make a HUGE glare in the fondant.
This is a white cake with lemon and raspberry filling, covered in buttercream and then fondant.

Happy Easter

This is a white pound cake with buttercream frosting with fondant decorations.

Friday, March 14, 2008


This is a cake I did for my friends son who is turning 2. It is a buttercream transfer of Spongebob, though his foot caused some issue coming off...dang foot, I'll be trying to fix that up later! It is a white cake, with lemon curd filling, covered with buttercream! And boy, I learned its not fun trying to write on wavey I just went with it, heck it looks like it was written underwater right!LOL!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cinderella Cake

This was done for Mara's 2nd Birthday. I am so glad I got a picture of it before I took it to my mom's house because on the ride over the box smashed all the flowers down into a pink mess!

The Cinderella is done in a buttercream transfer. Cake is frosted in buttercream, cake is white with a vanilla cream filling.

This is what Mara had to say when she saw it! LOL, just seeing her so excited made my sugar crusted kitchen worth it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

100th Day of School

My oldest sons 1st grade teacher called this week and asked if I would make a cake in the shape of "100" for their 100th Day party on Wednesday. He wanted a white cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, so thats what it is!

Sorry the picture isn't great, I have a new camera and it doesn't have a flip screen, and well, this baker isn't very tall! I guess I should have used a chair! LOL!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Frog Prince

This is a 3D white pound cake ( bear cake turned into a frog), with a 14" round chocolate pound cake. Covered in buttercream. This was for Jill's 23rd Birthday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ben 10

I am certainly not an artist, and free handed this, but he was thrilled! LOL!

Baby Shower-Pregnant Belly

This was a cake I did for a contest at church, ( the "not" in the picture is telling all the kids there to not touch the cakes on the tables! LOL)

Pretty in Pink

This I made for the actual day of my daughters 1st Birhday, we had another big party later but I didn't want "the day" to pass without cake!!

Over The Hedge

This was done for my middle son's third birthday.


Jessica's wedding

This is a cake I did for another cousins wdding. It is a sourcream almond cake with boston cream and strawberry filling, a layer of chocolate with white frosting filling, and another sourcream cake with lemon filling covered in buttercream.

Juliannes wedding

This was the largest thing I have even done with fondant. It is a Sourcream Almond cake, with Boston cream and fresh strawberry filling, covered first with a coat of buttercream and then covered in marshmallow fondant. Brushed with luster dust.


He's hot even in cake form wouldn't you say? White shape cake, buttercream.


This was done for my sons 6th birthday. Originally he wanted a cake that looked like Spongebob, but last minute he decided in tears he needed a Crabby patty cake instead, and this is what I came up with! This was a 9" double layer cake, white cake with buttercream filling.

Blueberry and Cream cheese

Double 9" cake, It is a blueberry cake with a cream cheese/buttercream frosting. Delicious!!


This one was done for my sisters birthday, it was a last minute thing that I just played around with!

Spring/Easter Cake

The flowers on this are painted gumpaste. I did this cake for a family gathering at Easter time last year.

Princess Party

1/2 sheet, white cake, raspberry filling and covered with white buttercream frosting. I did this for my daughters first Birthday.

Dinner party

I took this one to a dinner party at a friends. It is chocolate cake with buttercream, caramel sauce and a chocolate peanut butter sauce filling. Covered with buttercream and then drizzled with a chocolate peanut butter icing.

Brian and Kelly's Wedding

This was my first wedding cake. My cousins and his wife asked me if I would do theirs and this is what she picked out! She was so nice to make it hard for me for my first one! LOL!
This was a Sourcream Almond cake with Boston cream and fresh strawberries for the largest and smallest layers. The middle sized layer was a chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. All covered in buttercream.

Basket w/ Purple flowers

This was a basketweave cake that I did during one of my classes. It was a chocolate cake with buttercream.

Spring Flowers

1/2 sheet sheetcake. White cake with buttercream.


This one I did for a friends son. I had done one similar for my son a few years before, but this one turned out better since I had already had a "trial run".